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Your picture is exactly what I was imagining that type of relief valve system would look like.

Originally Posted by Mackinac Movies View Post
OK, so maybe the 3" T opening isn't venting enough air. I removed the gate valve and tried blowing up the screen again. This is the interesting part: The screen inflated properly without any air coming out of the open hole! After the screen inflated, the air vented, and established about a 4 1/2 " pressure rating as before.
I'm just guessing, but could the blower be pushing so much air straight ahead that there was no reason for it to come out the open hole?

I forget what you said the max pressure was without the zipper open. Was it 6"? Seems like it works pretty good if it reduces it by 1 1/2 ".

Originally Posted by Mackinac Movies View Post
I don't have access to a 4" gate valve to test, and I think the cost is too much to justify the experiment. But I am kinda thinking now, that I may run my little contraption with the open hole to lower the max psi rating on my 16x8 screen. I figure it has to be a little better then just unzipping the vent and putting the stress on the stitching.
Yes, I would use it if I were you. Remember, you get the added advantage of being able to attach the valve and close it a little in order to create more pressure if you need it (windy night for example).
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