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Originally Posted by Doug Miles View Post
I'm just guessing, but could the blower be pushing so much air straight ahead that there was no reason for it to come out the open hole?
Yes and no. Yes it is 'zooming' past. But no, if there is no back pressure in teh screen, there is no reason for the air to stop at teh T until the screen is full and there is back pressure
Originally Posted by Doug Miles View Post
I forget what you said the max pressure was without the zipper open. Was it 6"? Seems like it works pretty good if it reduces it by 1 1/2 ".
6 1/2" Yes it did reduce it quite a bit, just not quite enough. Maybe 4 1/2" would be OK. I could also use it, and unzip too.

Originally Posted by Doug Miles View Post
Yes, I would use it if I were you. Remember, you get the added advantage of being able to attach the valve and close it a little in order to create more pressure if you need it (windy night for example).
Ya, since I have the valve, I will shorten up the connections to reduce teh weight, and length and put it in the tool box for use.

Also forgot to mention: Fermco coupler= $22, T= $19, the rest salvage material, so under $50

Also forgot to mention, the above info was for the 16x8 screen, but the 20x12 way very very similar outcome.
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