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Default What to do about rain?

Just wondering what other people do about rain, or bad weather in general? I find that when a customer schedules a party, they will usually do whatever it takes to have the party on that date. I can understand that, as it is difficult to schedule a back up date and coordinate this with guests. But, as the person providing the "entertainment" I don't want to set up all of my equipment, and then have the skies open up with rain 5 minutes into the movie. First, that can cause damage to equipment, but then there is the issue of payment.

The way I see it, the decision to go ahead with a party should be left up to the customer. I am not a weather man (but I am getting pretty good at it). Here in the northeast US it can rain almost any evening during the summer, so I face this often. I currently do not charge a deposit (still working on making a contract), so I don't collect any money until I show up at the event. But, I tell the customer that I charge 50% when I begin my set up, and 100% once the movie starts. If we only get 5 minutes into the movie, it's still 100%. This might sound harsh, but I have had people in the past insist that we go ahead with a movie, even though rain is predicted. And these same people will then get upset when you ask for even a partial payment. By the time I start the movie, all the work is done. And, either way I still need to pack everything up.

So now, I let them make the call, and I charge for my time.
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