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Advertising, Promotion, & The Web What's the best way to advertise? Do you need business cards, tee shirts, etc.? Also, tips and tricks on setting up your own website.

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Mackinac Movies
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Default Posting Pictures

These are not guidlines for this website, but I posted this on another site, and it has some good info in there for pictures. THis little programs is GREAT.

Hi Folks,

As some are testing out, this is an easy board to post questions and comments, complete with pictures. It could become necessary to restrict the file size to preserve the disk space and bandwidth.

That being said, it is nice to scale pictures before posting them, here is a good suggestion:
Try to keep pictures at 512x384 pixels and 80 or 100 dpi. max size. This will make them look nice on the web, and still download relatively fast.

Some computers come with free software to do this, but I have found a very nice little program, that is completely free that will do sizing along with several other functions.

Find it at

Simply open a file with ifvan at go to the pull down menu image, and select Resize/resample. Then tick the preserve aspect ratio, and type in 512x384 pixels, and 80 dpi then save the file for later attachment to a post. It is relatively quick and easy, and will help us all.

Once you have your Pics sized...

Just type up a thread or message like you normally would, and once you are done, scroll down the page a bit, and there is a button for manage attachments. This works similar to yahoo mail, and you can easily manage the attachements, and upload files. Once uploaded, and you are happy, close the dialog box, and post your message.

The best thing about irfanview (along with being free) is that it is one of only a few programs I have found that will batch processing on your pictures. I download my pictures into a folder, then make another inside it called webbed. I then scale all of those pics and save them in the webbed folder for easy posting. Give it a try - it is easy!
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Doug Miles
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I gave this a whirl. Pretty cool program. I must say, in just a few minutes I had downloaded the program, installed it, and run my first batch process. I have a batch process set up in Photoshop to do a similar process. But, I don't think it is set up to recognize the difference between a portrait picture and a landscape picture. But, irfanview can do this. Irfanview has a setting which allows you to designate the "long side" or "short side" of the picture (and resize based on that). This is really good, it accounts for either type of picture orientation.

I'm going to look into the settings more to see what else is in there.

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Mackinac Movies
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irfan has quite a few little settings that you can use if you want, but is fairly easy to use too. I also like the many different file types that it will work with, and convert to. I don't have access to photoshop, so I use it for just about all my picture needs.
-- Neil --
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