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Picture Gallery Got a picture of your event or setup? Post it here. Since a lot of events take place in dark locations, this will also be the place for tips and tricks on how to get the best picture.

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Doug Miles
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Default Birthday Movie Party - August 20, 2010

This party was a little different. We set up in the driveway, which sloped down toward the garage. This required leveling (raising) the back corners of the screen, along with raising the blower since the back of the screen was now higher off the ground. There really was not enough room to set this up comfortably. There were about 25 kids, and they literally had to sit at the end of their driveway so they weren't staring up at the screen. In the end, the customer was happy, and I think everyone liked the set up. We used one of our tricks for this set up also. We asked the customer if they could open their garage door, this enabled us to place the projector further back, actually into the garage. This allowed us to move the screen back toward the garage a few feet (believe it or not a few feet made a BIG difference here).

Panasonic DW5000u projector (2000 lumens), JBL EON G2 10" speakers, 10' CB screen, Oppo 981 HD dvd player.

Pretty clear night IIRC.

This first picture is from the front right side of the screen. The image being displayed on the screen is from a picture slide show provided by the customer (I distorted the images so that no faces were shown). The kids were not sitting at this point, or you would have been able to see them sitting on the driveway to the left of the picture:


This picture is from inside the garage (we're using rear projection). You can also kind of see the stands we were using to raise the back corners of the screen:

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