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Doug Miles
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Default Grand Theft Auto 4 - keep away from kids?

One website which I use frequently is They do a really good job of reviewing movies (and other media) in terms of appropriateness for kids. I often send customers there for reviews.

Today I received an email from them about Grand Theft Auto 4. I just thought I would post it here for others to see. I have only played this game briefly, so I can't really comment on the content. I guess, just be careful if you offer this game for customers.

"Common Sense Media

May 20, 2008

Violent & sexually explicit video games have been proven to make kids more aggressive.

Support fewer violent video games for kids.

When Common Sense Media was founded just five years ago, the latest data from the FTC suggested that kids could walk into a store and buy an M-rated game, like Grand Theft Auto, nearly 70% of the time. That figure was simply unacceptable.

Since then, we've worked closely with other advocates, parents, legislators, and retailers to end the sale of M-rated games to underage gamers. New data from the FTC shows that number has fallen to just 20%.

We're proud to see this vast improvement, and with your help, we can bring that number to zero.

Games like Grand Theft Auto IV promote murder, sexual exploitation, and violence towards women. Exposure to this type of violence, which is common in most M-rated games, at a young age has been shown to make children anti-social, numb to violence, and more aggressive.

By the time your child is eighteen, he or she will witness more than 200,000 acts of violence - including 40,000 murders - on screen."

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