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Movie Events How to coordinate, setup, and run a successful movie event. What should you charge, should you use a contract, what if it rains?

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Doug Miles
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Default Movie party details & questions to ask

I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for questions to ask customers during a movie party planning stage. I assume some providers are running their parties as "Rental" packages. While other might be closer to party entertainer, or party planner. Either way, there a lot of details which need to be discussed with the customer before show time. Some of these might not apply to a strict "Rental" package. And some might not apply for a backyard event vs. a bigger "Town" event. But I would like to include all details for movie parties here. Then you can pick and choose what you feel is most important.

I'm going to start this list off the top of my head for now, and add to it later as I think of more things. If anyone thinks of anything I missed, post here and I will add it to this post. Also, some things may be specific to a particular region (precipitation, wind, ground condition, holidays, etc.). I would like to include those also, make it a master list.

Many items listed below would be included on a contract (if you use one). Some details are acceptable for listing on a contract, others might not be. That's up to each provider. Personally, I never assume the customer has read anything, so I make sure I discuss all details that I feel I need to on a case by case basis.

Movie Party Details & Questions To Ask
  1. Event date(s)
  2. Event type (movie night, birthday party, etc.)
  3. Event location(s)
  4. Contact name(s)
  5. Contact phone number(s)
  6. Contact email address(es)
  7. Audience size?
  8. Screen size/cost
  9. Audio requirements/cost
  10. Projector requirements/cost
  11. Upgrades/cost (equipment, etc.)?
  12. Pre-show entertainment/cost?
  13. Concessions/cost (popcorn, etc.)?
  14. Traveling fees (if charged)?
  15. Explain Public Performance License (if required)
  16. Provide details for obtaining license (if required)
  17. Explain setup (front or rear projection)
  18. Explain blower noise? (if using an inflatable screen)
  19. Explain area (square footage) required for setup
  20. Explain vertical clearance required based on screen size
  21. Explain area required for audience
  22. Explain required ground conditions (grass?, level ground?, etc.)
  23. Are there any sprinkler systems near the set up location?
  24. Discuss parking (where to park, explain if using trailer/truck)
  25. Visit location prior to movie night?
  26. Mail/email contract to client (if required)
  27. Mail/email W-9 to client (if required)
  28. Obtain signed contract (if required)
  29. Obtain deposit (if required)
  30. Final payment due date?
  31. Payment types accepted (cash, checks, credit cards, etc.)
  32. Does customer need to be added to insurance rider?
  33. What time to show up? (explain time required to set up)
  34. What movie to be shown?
  35. Who supplies the movie (DVD)?
  36. Movie start time (based on sunset or civil twilight, etc)?
  37. Movie end time (based on movie runtime)
  38. Explain black bars if movie is different aspect ratio than screen
  39. Explain bad weather policy
  40. Obtain "homemade" DVD's in advance to test on DVD player(s)
  41. Explain power requirements (distance, AMPS, separate circuits?, # of outlets)
  42. Explain time required to clean up

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