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Picture Gallery Got a picture of your event or setup? Post it here. Since a lot of events take place in dark locations, this will also be the place for tips and tricks on how to get the best picture.

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Unread 06-06-2010, 08:47 PM   #1
Doug Miles
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Default Backyard Movie Party (Birthday) - June 4, 2010

Notes: Typical birthday party set up. The yard was sloping slightly away from the house. We slightly supported the "downhill" side of the screen in order to level it slightly. There was a 35% chance of rain so we set up our canopy (see pictures). Movie shown was The Tooth Fairy.

This is one of those parties where there was a chance of rain, and the customer wanted to have the party end as early as possible. That said, I decided to run the projector with both lamps on, which gained us about 15-20 minutes of earlier start time. Customer said they wanted to start at 8:15 pm if possible, hopefully we could finish before the rain came. So, 8:15 comes, we're all ready, but guess what, the customer isn't ready to start. They need to sing "Happy Birthday", get the kids to sit down, get the kids popcorn and drinks, etc. This scenario happens ALL the time. As much as a customer tells us they want to start early, it rarely happens. I think they get caught up in the excitement, especially if their friends and family have arrived. I get the feeling that they want to "extend" the party, maybe to show off the screen, I don't know. But, this clause will be in my new contract for sure. I will set an agreed upon start time, give or take 15 minutes (and depending on sunset).

Equipment: our typical lately, DW5000u projector (both lamps, 4500 lumens), 10" EONs, 10, CB screen, Oppo HD981 dvd player.

Conditions: there was a chance of rain, it was overcast and humid.

First pic. Notice our canopy to the left and behind the screen. When there is a chance of rain, we usually set this up. Since we do mostly rear projection, we can cover the projector and rack equipment, plus the blower with the canopy. If it did rain, we would quickly shut down and cover the speakers with plastic bags (you might be able to see the black plastic bags at the bottom of each speaker stand).


Here's a view from the side showing how much the canopy covers (my son Nick in the picture):


A view from under the canopy:

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Mackinac Movies
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After doing weddings for the last 10+ years, I can tell you that b-days are not the only thing that start late. My contract specifies a approximate start time, and hard END time, after that overtime baby. Not sure if I will be doing that for movies, but that is how the DJ thing goes.

I see your canopy as a huge advantage for rear projection.
-- Neil --
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Doug Miles
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I think I've missed some posts. Neil, I don't remember seeing this one.

Yes, rear projection is the only way that makes using a canopy even possible. But, the 10' screen is the only one we can do this with (and cover all of the rear equipment). Once we get to the 15'-16' screen size, the projector is too far back from the blower to cover both. We'll still set up the canopy over the projector, but that leaves the blower exposed. A blower box (sound dampening box) would come in handy. That would protect it from rain.

We've been able to run parties for a good 15-20 minutes in a slight drizzle with this setup. We've also been able to stop and restart parties mid-movie for 15-20 minutes if we get hit with a passing shower.

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very good ,cool!
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